Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring 2011 Champion’s Point of View

Excerpt from U.S. Coast Guard Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council magazine by CAPT Pauline F. Cook, deputy director, U.S. Coast Guard Marine Transportation Systems Management Directorate.

Marine transportation systems management is a broad mission area within the Coast Guard. The headquarters Marine Transportation Systems Management Directorate covers 10 different and distinct programs. Some are principally managed at headquarters because they are either still developing, or they require extensive outreach with our international partners. For instance, “e-Navigation” is still evolving and is expected to be enforced as a body of international standards for all electronic navigational aids on ships internationally and on the shore.

Many of you may recognize some of the topics covered in the Spring 2011 issue pertaining to Captain of the Port authorities and waterways management—marine event permitting, AIS tracking and monitoring, marine debris removal, icebreaking (polar and domestic), and aids to navigation.

Other topics such as dredging operations, anchorage management, limited access areas, pier construction permits, port authority liaisons, traffic separation schemes, regulated navigation areas, bridge program authorities, Great Lakes pilotage, and waterways suitability assessments did not make it into this issue, but definitely fall under marine transportation systems management. More information can be found on the CGWeb portal.

As you can see from the sample list of topics above, the responsibilities are expansive. Please let us know if this information was beneficial to broadening your understanding of waterways and MTS management.

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