Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter 2011 Nautical Engineering Questions Part—1

Excerpt from U.S. Coast Guard Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council magazine. Nautical Engineering Queries Questions Part—1.

1. Coast Guard regulations (46 CFR) concerning shutoff valves located inside fuel oil tanks state that the valves __________.

A. shall be arranged for local control
B. must be made of steel
C. must be power-operated
D. may be made of cast iron

2. The distance between a generator and its load is 100 feet. What would be the approximate total voltage drop across a two-wire supply cable if the current was 5.5 amperes and the resistance of the wire was 2.525 ohms per 1,000 feet?

A. 0.5 volts
B. 1.38 volts
C. 1.90 volts
D. 2.77 volts

3. In a closed feed and condensate system, the drain from the second-stage air ejector returns directly to the __________.

A. auxiliary condenser
B. loop seal
C. atmospheric drain tank
D. de-aerating feed tank

4. Which of the turbocharging systems listed operates with the least average back pressure in the exhaust manifold?
A. constant volume
B. constant-pressure
C. pulse-pressure
D. radial flow

Stay tuned to see the answers to these Nautical Engineering Queries.