Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marine Inspector Competency and Consistency: Steam Certification Board Guide

The Vintage Vessel National Center of Expertise (NCOE) and the Office of Traveling Inspectors released the Certification Board Guide for the Steam Portion of the Machinery Inspector-Steam.  The purpose of this guide is to provide references, methods to develop questions, and memory keys for the members of Machinery Inspector-Steam Certification Boards.  The guide is not an all-inclusive list, but simply a suggested line of questioning. 

This is the first training product of its kind.  There are plans to produce similar Certification Board Guides by this and other NCOEs for additional types of certifications.

Note: The technical content of the guide was created through the collaboration of the CGHQ Traveling Inspection Staff and the Vintage Vessel National Center of Expertise (VVNCOE) in Duluth, MN, including Mr. Eugene Walroos, Chief Engineer, Ret.; Mr. Stephen Petersen, CWO4 Naval Engineer, Ret.; and CWO4 Andrew Adolphson. Final review and consultation was provided by the National Centers of Expertise Training Support Staff, Yorktown, VA.