Thursday, June 23, 2011

E-NAVIGATION UNDERWAY 2012: An International Conference on e-Navigation

Information provided by and shared at the request of Mr. William Cairns, Principal Navigation Engineer, USCG Office of Navigation Systems, and member of the steering committee for this event.

After a successful 2011 conference with more than 130 participants from 21 countries, IALA and EfficienSea, with the support of the Nautical Institute and CIRM, have deci­ded to repeat the event.

This year the conference will have a broader perspective, including discussions of the overall e-Navigation process as well as demonstrations of practical e-Navigation tests. Furthermore, the industry will put their state-of-the-art navi­gation solutions up for display.

The aim will be to address the following issues:

What are the implications of the e-Navigation strategy implementation plan?

Who are the e-Navigation stakeholders, and what are their roles?

Harmonization of test bed methodology has previously been identified as a need. Has anything transpired?

An update on existing and new e-Navigation test beds will be given.

We hope and believe that the 2012 conference will attract as many and as qualified attendees as in 2011, so the high standard from the first conference can be maintained.

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