Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 10 Small Offshore Supply Vessel Deficiencies—Part II

Excerpted from “Top Ten Deficiencies Found on Vessels.” Full text available on Navigate to missions/investigations/safety reports.

See Part I here.

Light Fixtures 46 CFR 129.410, Guards for Exposed Hazards 46 CFR 127.330
Approximately 30 percent of light fixture deficiencies are due to missing or damaged fixtures.

Missing guards for moving machinery and missing insulation on exhaust piping are the most common findings in this category. Additionally, hot surface guards are sometimes missing from cooking appliances.

Battery-Operated Lanterns 46 CFR 129.440 & 129.450
Inspectors occasionally discover that the portable lantern for the pilothouse or the one at the access to the engine room is missing.

Fire Control Plan 46 CFR 131.945
Common deficiencies:

  • The plan is not properly posted or is missing.

  • The plan is not modified when the vessel is altered.

Junction Boxes 46 CFR 111.81
The most common deficiency is a missing cover. Inspectors also observe that junction boxes are insecurely mounted.

General Alarm 46 CFR 131.805 & 131.810, 46 CFR 111.15 & 112.55
The switch must be clearly labeled “General Alarm” and each bell must be labeled in half-inch upper-case letters: “GENERAL ALARM—WHEN BELL RINGS GO TO YOUR STATION.” A common deficiency is a missing label.

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