Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Why is smoking still permitted on the inside of towing vessels? Over 75 percent of the towing industry smokes. I think this the only place left in this country where you can smoke in the workplace. This is unfair and unsafe for the non-smoking mariner. Any relief in sight?

Answered by the USCG Office of Vessel Activities.

The short answer: No, there is no immediate relief in sight.

However, as of spring 2009, the Coast Guard anticipated publishing a notice of proposed rulemaking for the inspection for certification of towing vessels. As part of that rulemaking, the Coast Guard anticipates there will a discussion concerning mariner safety and health issues. The Coast Guard will open the docket to receive comments on this proposed rulemaking and comments concerning prohibition of smoking on towing vessels are certainly possible.

Absent any specific regulations to prohibit smoking on towing vessels, the Coast Guard encourages you to work with your company’s safety and health committee and see how you can achieve a company-specific policy concerning prohibition of smoking aboard its vessels.


Zachery said...

I think banning smoking on towing vessels should be seriously considered, It is extremely unfair to non smokers, and is a safety risk.