Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RDML James Watson’s new CG Atlantic Area blog - Coast Guard operations and cases you should know about

As longtime readers may remember, RDML James A. Watson started this marine safety blog while serving at CG headquarters as the Director of Prevention Policy. In his new position as CG Atlantic Area Director of Operations, he has instituted a new blog that you may also be interested in:

We will use his own words to describe the content:

“This blog is for you. As Director of Operations, I am responsible for cases and Coast Guard operations you should know about. My goal is to promote safety, security, and stewardship in the maritime. As a seafarer, you should have the same goal.

You and I are bound by law and tradition to serve one and other as seafarers and stewards of the waterways. Good seamanship and stewardship takes commitment, experience, and appreciation for the sea and your fellow seafarer.

I hope these postings will motivate you as captains and crew to do your duty. Keep your vessel ship shape. Maintain a vigilant watch. Follow the rules of the road. And communicate, communicate, communicate. Don't ever assume anything. Your crew and passengers are depending on you.

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