Thursday, June 11, 2009

Proceedings of the Marine Safety and Security Council

In USCG Commandant Thad Allen’s iCommandant blog on May 24, 2009, he mentioned the Coast Guard Marine Safety blog to improve awareness of this communication channel. Admiral Allen said, “Rear Admiral Jim Watson, Director of Prevention Policy, has truly embraced social media and understands how it improves his ability to communicate with his stakeholders/customers.”

Today’s blog entry will be the first of many provided by Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council, the Coast Guard Journal of Safety & Security at Sea. We are honored that Rear Admiral Watson has asked us to collaborate with him to provide additional content.

So … just what is Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council? Proceedings is a quarterly print magazine that focuses on topics of importance to the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety & Security Council. Which begs the next question: Just what is the Marine Safety & Security Council? It is a group of senior Coast Guard officials, of which Rear Admiral Watson is a member, that acts as policy advisor to the Coast Guard Commandant and provides oversight, review, and guidance for all Coast Guard regulatory activity.

Proceedings, launched in 1944, is produced as an outreach effort to inform the maritime industry about the Coast Guard’s operations and marine safety, security, and environmental protection policies, regulations, and goals. Although it has evolved over the decades, and continues to evolve via this online forum, we hope Proceedings will continue be of value to the maritime community. Subscribe online at

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